Dream: 2.14.14

Eating at a restaurant with E.

Cash only and I don’t have enough, though I have a large bag full of play money, Chinese funeral money, etc.

I dig in the bag looking for enough to pay.

The restaurant has toilet problems so the waitress says I can help fix the toilet to make up the difference I owe.

While eating a tempeh appetizer, a man begins to talk to E. in another room.

ED shows up and then they all walk away.

I eat my tempeh quickly, just as my beet sandwich arrives. Trying to leave I stuff my bag behind a door and eat the sandwich as I walk in the direction they headed.

I see a large wooden deck, and, walking on to it, I see a huge rolling water park beyond the deck.

When was there a water park in San Francisco?

I look into the crowds and cannot find E, ED, and the man that led them away.

I start walking around to look for them and get turned around. Lost. Confused.

I get my phone out to try to call E., and it doesn’t work. I then forget E.’s name, and begin to cray.

I decide to leave the water park and only walk around in circles. Down ramps that lead nowhere. Down steps that lead to private dressing areas and private baths. Up ramps that lead to large bodies of water (I’m wearing my PJs so cannot swim away).

At an open lawn, I’m totally disoriented. I see a worker and ask her how to get out of the park. She looks at me with anime eyes and speaks gibberish.

Two co-workers walk up and have the same distant look. One of them speaks gibberish too.

“I see that you’re no help.”

I turn around to leave and one of the workers walks over to me.

She points over to a crowded area of the park.

“Do you see that whit Buddha Statue?”

Dreams: 11.1.13

There’s a last minute film festival in San Francisco, Berlin, and Sofia. All the brass bands and amazing films will be in Sofia. Berlin will have great parties too. San Francisco will show animated films with icing. They will mostly be about recovery. One film is about algae bread and how it is helping to feed the homeless and hungry. It is animated by putting icing on bread.


Buying a new car – a truck – in a big field. The people running the lot don’t have keys so I keep calling the person who does. It’s getting late and I still can’t get in to the truck. MC and his brothers are on the property. MC doesn’t leave his truck because of his dogs. There are beautiful trails on the property. The field only recently got the car lot. Land is being cut back above one trail. Other familiar faces work at the car lot.

Dream: 1.10.13

Drunks in Safeway by Golden Gate Bridge

blocking the exit

some really drunk, with a limitless credit card

playing an Atari 2600 on the flower counter

while talking about graffiti

The SFPD break up their party.

I speak with a policewoman as she tries to cuff a large woman.

The police haul the drunks away, leaving only graffiti on the floor at the entrance to Safeway.

Near the bridge, I hear people , and some of them walk by and give me a box that contains a recording.

They ask me to put it on a website, and they begin to illegally climb up the bridge.

I follow them a bit and then back off, realizing I’m still wearing my PJs.

I go down and pass a Golden Gate Transit worker, staring at a camera monitor.

I wander away from the bridge along a trail, passing a fisherman eating a sandwich while sitting in his boat.

I approach a huge elevator, go inside, and run into a friend.

We talk about porn, and other people join in.

I look out the lift and see an amazing view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The ride ends so I exit with groceries and bags of stuff. I rebag it all and see:

a pistol, an Atari 2600 game cartridge, and three bags.

I strike up a conversation with a cool woman.

Dream: Captured No More!

I get a new camera as a holiday gift and go on a quest to take a great photo. I bring a piece of art and have at least 3 siblings follow me on the shoot. We are in a very poor area where we keep walking up a dirt road. I lay the art down on the ground and attempt to take a photo. I am never satisfied with the frame in the camera. After walking by encampments, shacks, and piles of debris, my memory goes vague. Suddenly, two siblings are shot and killed from shotgun blasts. I black out.

I wake up in a dark room with 1 or 2 younger siblings. We are taped or tied to chairs. I do not know who has captured us. I eventually meet our new master, a famous author with a huge ego (I name him William Gibson). As he systematically breaks us down, he convinces us that he is our savior and wants to be our father. He lives in a bunker of a building and is crazy enough to probably kill us without question.

In one scene he gets into an argument with another man. He threatens to stick a machete in the man’s head, and the man picks up a box of sharp items to protect himself. He pins the writer’s arm to the wall with a huge staple. I watch this and then run to my back room and wake up my little sibling.

He spends most of his time in shock, sleeping, so I try to put some clothes on him and tell him this is our chance to escape. But the writer has freed himself from the staple. He’s very disappointed that we thought we could leave.

After years of being confined, the writer’s ego and assumptions cause him to become weak. He thinks that we are OK with being his imprisoned “children”. He is performing in a middle eastern music and dance concert and I accompany him.

A large group of friends and relatives are at the concert. I find a joint and smoke it while I talk to a female relative of the writer. I have told myself that this is my chance to free myself and my little brother. So I begin to directly and openly talk about being held captive.

The woman doesn’t really get it. She is in awe of the writer’s success and talent. In a larger circle of people, I boldly confront the writer. He accuses me of being addicted to pot and says he’s kept me for my own good. I disagree and tell him that he hasn’t even let me call my mother in 3 years. I begin to cry and babble that I want to talk to my mother and tell her I love her.

The writer become furious. Some of his friends are obviously becoming concerned about the situation. The writer continues to try to frame me as a junky. He grabs a green compost bin and runs towards me. He dumps it out on the floor in front of me and yells “Do you want to swim in the sutures again like you used to!!!??”

Three years of being held against my will brings me to my own rage. I stand up in the circle, feeling bold and brave, and yell “I don’t know what you’re talking about!!”

I wake up….

Dream: Paint, Pizza, Pockets

I am on a school or college campus and hold a marker pen. A female student gives me a can of spray paint and I stuff it in my coat pocket. “I can’t do much with this color,” I say. She takes me through the back workings of the school. We see two other men painting while others look on. They may step in and tell the painters how to paint. The female student takes me out to the edge of the campus. She walks through a fence. I push it and a piece opens up.

We arrive at a wall where JN is painting. I take the grey can and spray under someone’s female lip stencil. I get the idea of doing another set of lips and then JN packs his paint and leaves. A party arrives. I find myself in a small room full of women. Food arrives and a man hands me a pizza box with a few leftover slices. I take one. An attractive woman talks about somewhere else later. I put my hand in her vest pocket. She steps back. “I’ll go with you”, I say as I hold her hand. She recoils and I leave the tiny room.

One woman reads Slingshot with a funny cover. The woman tells another woman that a piece of art she has is now worth $1,000. I go to a large room and see three-foot tall cans of spray paint. Most of the cans are filled with black paint. I grab them and take them to the wall. I go to the kitchen and get a bowl of odd-looking salad. I walk outside and hear singing. A man has music coming out of his backpack on his body and sings along to the tunes.

I wake up…

June 8, 2012: Dream Fragments

I am in the seat of a horse-drawn carriage and approach another one. “On your left,” I yell, but my horse decides to go right. A collision almost happens but my horse gets free from his tackle and gallops down the road. At a bridge, a car has to swerve to avoid the horse.The car crashes into the creek running under the bridge.


DH drives me to a cafeteria. We pass a large mall-like building that has umbrellas placed around it. It appears to be a promotional, interactive game. In the huge parking lot, DH drives fast, crushing cans and litter along the way. He swerves just before driving into traffic.


In the cafe I see RB and MC and do not talk to RB. The cafe is crowded. I notice a new issue of Cracked on the magazine rack. A blonde man stocks candy at the end of an isle. “What, no more antacids?” I find MC in the crowd and we chat. He really liked the email that I sent him.

Nov. 23 Dream (Mendocino Co., .5 inches rain)

I am at an Occupy encampment. As I settle down in my just-set-up tent, a group of Native Americans arrive at the camp. Their chief wears a full head dress and commands them to set up camp. I move my tent back a bit to make space for them.


SB pilots a jet and takes me for a fight. He keeps going higher and eventually touches the outer atmosphere. I look out the window and see strange vessels floating in air streams. I look out at the horizon and see factories belching smoke into the haze. The jet slowly starts rocking like a boat. We dock at a port city in the North Pole.

The North Pole is like the Wild West: rough living and contant harassment. We protect ourselves from a group of thieving children. A man grabs a beautiful woman and the she turns and flips him over her shoulder.

SB and I end up in a tree, staking out a group of black gangsters who are holed up in a duplex. The gangsters dress like police in an attempt to escape the North Pole.

A group of real police approach them. A female police begins to talk to them about James Brown. James Brown seems to be in negotiations with another group of police regarding their escape from the North Pole. He’s talking his way out of trouble!

DREAM: An Execution

In a not-too-distant future, Mark and I are slated for execution. In this murky dream world, a techno-totalitarian government rules, so we are not quite sure why we have been taken under custody and slated for death. It could possibly be because we have opted to not embrace the technology of the times.

While locked up, we get a final visit with loved ones. I get a bag of money from my mother, and am not sure what I can do with that in my final days of living. Mark gets drawing supplies. Being presented as enemies of the state, our underground popularity soars. Some of our guards are sympathetic. At one point, we are left unguarded near a community convergence center. All the beautiful people there recognize us and so Mark and I try to figure out a way to escape. Our attempt is short lived, but we are not punished.We end up back in custody with guards who treat us kindly.

The government may not know what to do with us. Right before our execution date, Mark and I have a tearful farewell. We hug and cry and say we love each other. He is traumatized by the looming public death. I see it as my end and beginning, telling Mark “maybe we’ll come back as humans again.” But the deadline passes and the government keeps us alive.

My money proves to be invaluable. Inside the bills are smaller $2 bills, which must be a rare treat for this world. The wrappers turn out to be gift cards for many businesses. Mark and I are separated, so I begin to pass out the favors and gain enough grease to reunite with Mark again. He too has become a poplar artist under demand and so has gained traction as well.

We begin to plot our escape in earnest, especially now that we are celebrated outlaws in these dark, heavy times. The will of the people is on our side and we can only hope that there is a path out of this odd stasis we are in.

Dream: The Carriage House

A group of volunteers show up to the community space where I work. Their main project is to tear up an area of grass that is covering the road between the community space and an old, Victorian house. I wonder where DX is, and why he isn’t with these guys who obviously look like his co-workers. They have that rough and ready-to-party, punk DPW appearance. I look around for an iPod to play some music and realize it is out by the area where they are stripping out the grass.

At some point, AG and DH show up. AG has a flying machine made out of a few pieces of wood. He takes us for a spin. I balance in the middle and DH holds on to a vertical piece. When we get back, the grassy area is clean. The Victorian now sits in the middle of the road! I ask one of the gruff guys why they got rid of the park area and they say that it had too many bugs.

With the work done, the volunteers party. The band Chumbawamba shows up, sets up, and starts playing. They go into their infamous hit “Tubthumping” and a female member of the band gets out a propane torch and goes out to light a pile of debris in the parking lot. She also goes to the Victorian and tries to light that on fire. She fails and then hands the torch over for me to make an attempt. I try and nothing alights.

Walking inside the building, I begin to wonder who lives there. I do not recall anyone that does. I am thinking about how to get the title to this building when a woman in a badge and uniform walks in. She’s here to look at the property and ask about the opening of the street. I hide the torch and then see a SF Sheriffs patrol car speed into the community center’s parking lot. Relieved that the building isn’t burning, I walk through the space with the officer.

Beach Dreams

You find out about a man-made island and show me where it is on a local map. We bike to a ferry and then take the boat the the island. Our bikes end up tied together in the water. As we sit on the small decked “island,” we watch the bikes barely float on the surface. We talk about fishing and look at the large gold fish shimmering deep in the waters around us.

At a sea town JY is cleaning out his van. I have storage in there and become upset about my things. I go to another truck where I have things stored and it is open with the key in the lock. DJ is using this to store sound equipment. I get really upset but become distracted by seeing young men walking around with Clemson Tigers clothing. My lover then appears and I try to tell her about my storage. But I get distracted again by wanting to “scratch a record” on her body. She’s not into it and leaves. I walk by a station wagon that SB is sleeping in (on a bed of dried grass) and he tells me about his horrible night last night. I remember that I need to complain to DJ about my storage and walk by JY’s van to see it washed and empty! Then I realize that I’ve been walking around this whole time in underwear (at least they kind of look like swim trunks). Walking back to my place to change, I see more Clemson kids. “Excuse me, but why are you all wearing Clemson colors?” “We’re a church group, from PC.” “Ah – Presbyterian College in South Carolina.” “Yeah. Say, you don’t know where we can get good beer? All the places around here serve the same three kinds.” “Try North Beach,” I tell him.

Last Week’s Dream

I meet a blonde-haired woman. We walk to the edge of the Pacific and begin to swim. As we swim, a large grey whale joins us. We swim all the way to Borneo, where I walk ashore and get lost in a village. I realize that I do not have my passport since I swam over with a woman and a whale. I run into all of my college friends. They have rented out a bungalow and are partying. I party with them amazed at the conincadence of seeing them in Borneo.

DREAM: TR Pulp Fiction

TG’s mom has died and his sister needs a ride to the mortuary. The mortuary sends a car around to pick her up, while TG drives me to the mortuary. A storm causes a downpour as TG drives by several police cars that have blocked off a street. We stop in the parking lot by the American Cafe, and TG gets out of the auto and approaches a white guy with a gun.

TG pulls out a gun and shoots the other guys’ gun and ruins it. The guy throws his gun at TG and then TG runs to tackle the guy. The guy pulls out a straight razor just as TG opens his arms to grab the guy. The razor cuts TG’s left side open. Panicked, I get out of the auto to help TG, but the guy runs towards me with a raised razor.

::: I end the dream and wake up ::: I fall asleep, fall back into the dream scene, but change the endings like a DVD bonus.

1) I suddenly am a karate master and disarm the guy and kick his ass.

2) I look at the razor and turn it into a flower, making the guy look like a Banksy stencil.

3) I slow the movement down and go over to the guy and disarm him.

……. DREAM ENDS …….. Another dream begins…….

DH is a wanted man so he flees a building to save himself. He runs into a park and hides under a round structure. The structure is a sacred spot for the local Native Americans, so the police cannot go there and apprehend DH. Some guys in a truck try to nab DH but they are tricked about where DH is hiding spot.

DH runs away, clutching a dirty Fozzie the Bear doll (that, like Hobbs in Calvin and Hobbs, will come to life).

….. another transition ……

Fozzie and Samuel L. Jackson in the hood.

Fozzie is hiding in a garage in a rough hood of a big, urban city. There is barbed wire, graffiti, and junk strewn about the garage. A young junkie girl has just OD’d, and a dealer comes to call. When all seems lost, the Muppets save the day in a hilarious ending.

…….. alt ending ……..

The hood is rated PG this time and Samuel L. Jackson does not make a cameo. The young junkie still dies, but, instead of a dealer showing up, six women show up instead. They are dressed as kittens, and Fozzie sniffs the main cat’s butt to see who they are. He recognizes her scent and the other women laugh.

Thur., Jan. 12, 2012 (Marin County)