Dream: 1.10.13

Drunks in Safeway by Golden Gate Bridge

blocking the exit

some really drunk, with a limitless credit card

playing an Atari 2600 on the flower counter

while talking about graffiti

The SFPD break up their party.

I speak with a policewoman as she tries to cuff a large woman.

The police haul the drunks away, leaving only graffiti on the floor at the entrance to Safeway.

Near the bridge, I hear people , and some of them walk by and give me a box that contains a recording.

They ask me to put it on a website, and they begin to illegally climb up the bridge.

I follow them a bit and then back off, realizing I’m still wearing my PJs.

I go down and pass a Golden Gate Transit worker, staring at a camera monitor.

I wander away from the bridge along a trail, passing a fisherman eating a sandwich while sitting in his boat.

I approach a huge elevator, go inside, and run into a friend.

We talk about porn, and other people join in.

I look out the lift and see an amazing view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The ride ends so I exit with groceries and bags of stuff. I rebag it all and see:

a pistol, an Atari 2600 game cartridge, and three bags.

I strike up a conversation with a cool woman.