Happy Feet Productions

Here’s a list of past events I have produced, co-produced, and supported:

Art exhibits I have curated and co-curated:

Books I have written and contributed to:

  • Mia Benenate, ed. Blek le Rat. Paris: Art Publishing Ltd. (2011). – text
  • Josh MacPhee, ed. Celebrate People’s History. New York: The Feminist Press (2020, 2 ed.). – art with Mark Cort
  • Annice Jacoby, ed. Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo. New York: Abrams (2009). – text, photos, and art
  • Ian McIntyre. How To Make Trouble And Influence People. Carlton, Australia: Breakdown Press (2009). – art
  • Steve Rotman. San Francisco Street Art. New York: Prestel (2009). – art
  • Russell Howze. Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art. San Francisco: Manic D Press (2008).
  • Josh MacPhee. Stencil Pirates. New York: Soft Skull Press (2004). – text, photos, and art

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