In Nov: Red Curtain Variety Show

I’ll be stage managing (and possibly DJ’ing) this gem of a weekend at CELLspace in November. Long-time collaborators from the Funky Puppet Supper and CELLspace will be on stage, thrilling the audience with top-notch entertainment.

Hope you all can make it!

Red Curtain Variety Show
One Weekend Only!

For one short weekend this November comes an astounding array of talent, housed in one of San Francisco’s most beloved community theatre spaces. A collaboration between some of SF’s finest aerialists, dancers, clowns, and other artists. An evening of the wittiest of wit, the silliest of silly, and a guy who can stack up 7 chairs and do a handstand on them. Don’t miss the Red Curtain Variety Show!

Featuring: Westley Fredenburg as MC, Aerial performances by Eve Diamond, Soprano Diva Dian Meechai, poplocking manipulation from Devinio, the crazy clown antics of Judy & Punchy, Paradizo dance, puppetry by Alison Daniels, and more!

November 10th-13th.
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm.
CELLspace at 2050 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
$15-$20 sliding scale, at the door Continue reading “In Nov: Red Curtain Variety Show”

July 29 :: SLR: Launch Party at CELLspace

Come out and support my Sustainable Living Roadshow eco-carny people later this month. They will launch their tour with 2/3 of Beats Antique (and yours truly running house).

Friday, July 29 from 6pm to 2am

A evening of performance, speakers and getting our groove on to benefit the 2011 National Tour of Sustainable Living Roadshow.

– Zoe Jakes (Beats Antique)
– David Satori (Beats Antique)
– DJ Shawna
– DJ Clay (Yoga Tai Chi)
– Fossil Fool The Bike Rapper
– Pamela Parker
– Yari Mander’s Particiformance
– BALLYHOO Carny Crew

Pedal Powered Ice Cream from Rock The Bike

From August through November 2011, Sustainable Living Roadshow will be traveling across the country producing educational eco-villages at community events, college campuses, and music festivals. Our productions focus on creating main-stream platforms for local and national “green” communities to gather under a collective banner to empower attendees with options for a sustainable planet. In addition, SLR will be working with the Right2Know March, a national campaign to label GMOs.

A Rumpeled West Fest

How often does one have the chance to give a fool a ride back to his house sit in Lower Haight? Before my eyes, in the dark of a sliver moon night in late October, stood Rumpel the Aussie fool. I couldn’t stop staring at his vest, all full of ridiculous shiny things that idiots like me can’t help but look at. I tried to avoid the man’s pointy shoes and the mouse nose that forced Greg Mooney to ask “is that nose your real nose?” Rumpel dodged the answer, saying he has 300 noses, and I believe him.

Poor Rumpel, not from San Francisco and way too stoned to find a direction home (sorry for the Dylan/Hendrix reference, but Jimi Hendrix was the patron saint of West Fest today. His signature even blazoned the label of an energy drink, most likely licensed by the guitar great’s brother. That same sibling was on stage when a rag tag group of guitarists “played” Purple Haze in an attempt to break a world record. I don’t think they pulled it off). Mr. Rumpel was cold, in the dark of Golden Gate Park, and looking for the after party “where some of the bands were going to hang out.” He heard an address and was too high to remember it. Or too foolish to write it down.

But he found me and Greg in the middle of a field chatting. I played with a broken branch and Greg toyed his lit-up unicycle. Rumple showed up and fell in “with the folks you need to meet tonight” (Greg’s words), getting a ride home from Jonathan and the Wonder Truck. We dropped the fool off at the corner of Fillmore and Oak, still unsure about what he was going to stumble into next.
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Russell-faced GMO Corn Dog

The Treasure Island Music Fest had a good vibe. Not too big (about 10,000 people), not too corporate, and the music was ecclectic enough to not get boring. Only two stages so things didn’t get too loud at Recycle Swish and the GMO Freak Show. Figured out that we had backstage access on Sunday so finally got to find Erminio Pinque of Big Nazo (Providence, RI) and say a quick hello. Wanye from Flaming Lips wandered by me too while I was back there! TIMF did pay a group of artists to create a great, Dust Bowl-era Midway of games for the event, so we got a second-rate placement stuck amongst the vendor tent row. And only had room for one game instead of the contracted two. We made do with what we got and had a good time giving it.

Here’s a pic an official photographer took of me being silly with the Corn Dog. It made it on the festival’s main site!


UPDATED: Puppets and Carnies… mmm

Yoo hoo…. I’ve been working hard this past month, doing sound tech (5 mics and about 25 sound cues) for the Big Tadoo’s “Walk and Roll to School” puppet show for TRANSFORM in Alameda County elementary schools. Just finished week two of the Fall Tour, leaving the kids with the urge to either bike and walk to school (or maybe put on a puppet and sing a great song).

Come visit me and a few events I’ll be participating in for your fall carny/puppet goodness:

The Sustainable Living Roadshow will have two games at Treasure Island Music Fest this weekend. If you stop by during Flaming Lips, you won’t see me there!!!

Big Tadoo will have a public performance of the show on Halloween with for the 3rd Annual Scraper Bike Day in Oakland. Never heard of scraper bikes? Check out this site for more info on a cool, inner-city urban bike movement.

CANCELLED due to permit problems (fingers crossed that we’ll perform for them soon!)

October 31st
Fremont Highschool parking lot
4610 Foothill Blvd. tween 46th and 45th
Oakland, CA 9460