DREAM: An Execution

In a not-too-distant future, Mark and I are slated for execution. In this murky dream world, a techno-totalitarian government rules, so we are not quite sure why we have been taken under custody and slated for death. It could possibly be because we have opted to not embrace the technology of the times.

While locked up, we get a final visit with loved ones. I get a bag of money from my mother, and am not sure what I can do with that in my final days of living. Mark gets drawing supplies. Being presented as enemies of the state, our underground popularity soars. Some of our guards are sympathetic. At one point, we are left unguarded near a community convergence center. All the beautiful people there recognize us and so Mark and I try to figure out a way to escape. Our attempt is short lived, but we are not punished.We end up back in custody with guards who treat us kindly.

The government may not know what to do with us. Right before our execution date, Mark and I have a tearful farewell. We hug and cry and say we love each other. He is traumatized by the looming public death. I see it as my end and beginning, telling Mark “maybe we’ll come back as humans again.” But the deadline passes and the government keeps us alive.

My money proves to be invaluable. Inside the bills are smaller $2 bills, which must be a rare treat for this world. The wrappers turn out to be gift cards for many businesses. Mark and I are separated, so I begin to pass out the favors and gain enough grease to reunite with Mark again. He too has become a poplar artist under demand and so has gained traction as well.

We begin to plot our escape in earnest, especially now that we are celebrated outlaws in these dark, heavy times. The will of the people is on our side and we can only hope that there is a path out of this odd stasis we are in.