Dream: The Carriage House

A group of volunteers show up to the community space where I work. Their main project is to tear up an area of grass that is covering the road between the community space and an old, Victorian house. I wonder where DX is, and why he isn’t with these guys who obviously look like his co-workers. They have that rough and ready-to-party, punk DPW appearance. I look around for an iPod to play some music and realize it is out by the area where they are stripping out the grass.

At some point, AG and DH show up. AG has a flying machine made out of a few pieces of wood. He takes us for a spin. I balance in the middle and DH holds on to a vertical piece. When we get back, the grassy area is clean. The Victorian now sits in the middle of the road! I ask one of the gruff guys why they got rid of the park area and they say that it had too many bugs.

With the work done, the volunteers party. The band Chumbawamba shows up, sets up, and starts playing. They go into their infamous hit “Tubthumping” and a female member of the band gets out a propane torch and goes out to light a pile of debris in the parking lot. She also goes to the Victorian and tries to light that on fire. She fails and then hands the torch over for me to make an attempt. I try and nothing alights.

Walking inside the building, I begin to wonder who lives there. I do not recall anyone that does. I am thinking about how to get the title to this building when a woman in a badge and uniform walks in. She’s here to look at the property and ask about the opening of the street. I hide the torch and then see a SF Sheriffs patrol car speed into the community center’s parking lot. Relieved that the building isn’t burning, I walk through the space with the officer.