Nov. 23 Dream (Mendocino Co., .5 inches rain)

I am at an Occupy encampment. As I settle down in my just-set-up tent, a group of Native Americans arrive at the camp. Their chief wears a full head dress and commands them to set up camp. I move my tent back a bit to make space for them.


SB pilots a jet and takes me for a fight. He keeps going higher and eventually touches the outer atmosphere. I look out the window and see strange vessels floating in air streams. I look out at the horizon and see factories belching smoke into the haze. The jet slowly starts rocking like a boat. We dock at a port city in the North Pole.

The North Pole is like the Wild West: rough living and contant harassment. We protect ourselves from a group of thieving children. A man grabs a beautiful woman and the she turns and flips him over her shoulder.

SB and I end up in a tree, staking out a group of black gangsters who are holed up in a duplex. The gangsters dress like police in an attempt to escape the North Pole.

A group of real police approach them. A female police begins to talk to them about James Brown. James Brown seems to be in negotiations with another group of police regarding their escape from the North Pole. He’s talking his way out of trouble!