Soggy Drive, Soggy Sneaks

The Trumbull-Plex presentation went well last night. Jhon showed up with a large platter of Middle Eastern food and began to set up for the show. Nicole Macdonald showed up with a digital projector and her movie “A City to Yourself.” We got things set up quickly, so I found some spray paint in the shop area and sprayed a stencil on Trumbull’s door. Instead of the usual red flags, I sprayed black flags in honor of their philosophical leanings.

We didn’t start on time since no one had showed up at 8pm and Jhon said that everyone felt that 9pm was always the start time at Trumbull-Plex. So the movie began around 8:40, with about 10 people in the comfortable chairs. Third generation Detroiter Nicole’s movie showed scenes of an empty Detroit as she spoke about what the mostly emptiness means to her. She showed fields of grass and flora with rotting houses in them. Some were painted orange by students, maybe in protest to the decay around them.
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June Middle America Tour Announced

This is it! The final Stencil Nation tour which will end the Year of Stencils (which began last June with the book opening). What an amazing (road) trip it’s been, giving me hope that humanity is not completely lost in a consumer/TV/Xbox/Twitter haze. All your help, hospitality, support, cooking, schleping, encouragement, and couches/futons/beds can only support the fact that there are amazing people throughout Stencil Nation who see kindness and community within the whole art and graffiti worlds. I am grateful and indebted to you all for all that you have done along the roads that lead to that next stencil!

≈≈≈≈JUNE (and the end of the Year of Stencil Nation) ≈≈≈≈
June 7 at 2pm:: Quimby’s Bookstore, Chicago, IL
June 10 at 9pm:: Trumbull Plex, Detroit, MI
(with 8pm viewing of A City to Yourself)
June 13 at 6pm:: This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, Toronto, ONT, Canada
(with Martin Reis and Janet Attard, for Bike Month)
June 17 at 7pm:: Talking Leaves/Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
June 18 6pm to 9pm:: Mac’s Backs (street fair), Cleveland, OH (no pres)
June 19 at 5pm:: Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH (with skillshare)
June 21 at 5pm:: Boxcar Books, Bloomington, IN
June 24 at 7pm:: Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO (with Peat)
June 25 at 7pm:: Star Clipper, St. Louis, MO