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HappyFt Travels, a world of creativity, seeks to spread the freedoms of imaginative resistance and full enjoyment. Originally concepted as an underground travel agency, this Web site is now an underground hub of creative content, radical thought, and personal perspective. Linking different art forms together on one neat blog, the HappyFeet community opens its digital arms to people that hope to find a personal creative spark.

HappyFeet Travels began in 1999 as a learning tool for Dreamweaver-based html Web site design. HappyFeet sought to be the travel agency that you’d never seen before. We connected viewers to the seedy underbelly of San Francisco life via the many links, creations, and available tours. It was a grand idea that has generated many spontaneous tours of the City.

During the 2002 advent of Stencil Archive, a redesign brought HappyFeet Travels into its second life. The links grew, along with pages for other interests like puppets, sound arts, and politics. A pseudo-blog was created with monthly entries about life in San Francisco, political rants, and a HF creations page.

Stencil Archive soon outgrew its mother site, and left home for good. Now orphaned by the many visitors that came to HappyFeet for their stencil fix, the site soon fell into neglect. In 2004, the huge task of redesigning Stencil Archive led to the interest in using blog technology to create version three of HappyFt Travels. V.2’s design already had the organizational structure for a great blog site, so the first attempts were made to turn this site into an actual blog.

Since 2014, this blog gets infrequent attention due to the demands of Stencil Archive. The rise of social media and the new dot com boom in San Francisco has also led to a dearth of radical cultural enthusiasm. And the growing sphere of NSA spying, robo-info scraping, and other exploitative tactics has lead this blog to further sink in importance as a human connection. In its stead, deep inward retrospection and actual human connection has replaced the desire to digitally share knowledge, opinions, and cultural enthusiasms.

Fear not! From time to time, the Happy Feet must dance. So there will be random splurts of new content.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. How can I send you an email about your “Getting Ridiculous(ly Expensive MAD)” article?

    Thank you.


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