Beach Dreams

You find out about a man-made island and show me where it is on a local map. We bike to a ferry and then take the boat the the island. Our bikes end up tied together in the water. As we sit on the small decked “island,” we watch the bikes barely float on the surface. We talk about fishing and look at the large gold fish shimmering deep in the waters around us.

At a sea town JY is cleaning out his van. I have storage in there and become upset about my things. I go to another truck where I have things stored and it is open with the key in the lock. DJ is using this to store sound equipment. I get really upset but become distracted by seeing young men walking around with Clemson Tigers clothing. My lover then appears and I try to tell her about my storage. But I get distracted again by wanting to “scratch a record” on her body. She’s not into it and leaves. I walk by a station wagon that SB is sleeping in (on a bed of dried grass) and he tells me about his horrible night last night. I remember that I need to complain to DJ about my storage and walk by JY’s van to see it washed and empty! Then I realize that I’ve been walking around this whole time in underwear (at least they kind of look like swim trunks). Walking back to my place to change, I see more Clemson kids. “Excuse me, but why are you all wearing Clemson colors?” “We’re a church group, from PC.” “Ah – Presbyterian College in South Carolina.” “Yeah. Say, you don’t know where we can get good beer? All the places around here serve the same three kinds.” “Try North Beach,” I tell him.