Dream: Paint, Pizza, Pockets

I am on a school or college campus and hold a marker pen. A female student gives me a can of spray paint and I stuff it in my coat pocket. “I can’t do much with this color,” I say. She takes me through the back workings of the school. We see two other men painting while others look on. They may step in and tell the painters how to paint. The female student takes me out to the edge of the campus. She walks through a fence. I push it and a piece opens up.

We arrive at a wall where JN is painting. I take the grey can and spray under someone’s female lip stencil. I get the idea of doing another set of lips and then JN packs his paint and leaves. A party arrives. I find myself in a small room full of women. Food arrives and a man hands me a pizza box with a few leftover slices. I take one. An attractive woman talks about somewhere else later. I put my hand in her vest pocket. She steps back. “I’ll go with you”, I say as I hold her hand. She recoils and I leave the tiny room.

One woman reads Slingshot with a funny cover. The woman tells another woman that a piece of art she has is now worth $1,000. I go to a large room and see three-foot tall cans of spray paint. Most of the cans are filled with black paint. I grab them and take them to the wall. I go to the kitchen and get a bowl of odd-looking salad. I walk outside and hear singing. A man has music coming out of his backpack on his body and sings along to the tunes.

I wake up…