Spent most of Wednesday writing and editing and compiling. Began the Introduction, not to be confused with Chris Carlsson’s Forward. Hard to write, but I think I might have a good bit worth editing and revising. Finally got the last of the 1980s photos from Jef Aerosol, and he also dropped me some stencil history for the time line. I continue to spend too much time on the time line, but I think it will be appreciated. There are about 50 footnotes at this point, and it is at about 2,300 words. Jef thanked me for working on the history of the art form and gave me a great tip to a 1960s stencil action in France. Also worked on the back pages items: bibliography, resources, links to the artists in the book. It will probably grow as I continue to remember to add items there, though there is so much online to find and click through (Duncan Cumming’s site has loads of books and links; more than I could put in my back page.). Jennifer has put a call out to SFAI for a budding book designer. Fingers are crossed. Still haven’t heard from Black Rock LLC (Burning Man) regarding my wish to put BRC in the book. Will call them tomorrow and hope that that will get through the proper channels there (ach, the bureaucracy of  that org!).  While working on the bibliography via online sources, I couldn’t help buying a $10 used copy of Banksy’s Wall and Piece. I try not to buy new books, so was glad to get a copy so cheap. Besides stealing one, used and tattered is the best way to get a Banksy book!