Still Moving Forward

More work on Stencil Nation today. The long weekend in South Carolina ended up with bee stings, Benadryl-induced drowsiness, and a swollen hand instead of working on the book. But I got to get things going a bit today after the swelling began to go down. Andi Grace from the BRC LLC (aka Burning Man) contacted me and asked for links instead of thumbnails to OK the BRC stencil art. Looks like they might not approve the questionably-located pieces due to the BRC rule of not defacing other people’s art. I understand that. DS Black called me up and said that he’s slowly getting his 1980s and early 1990s images together to submit. Klutch, recovering from a heart attack, called me to discuss the book, but my phone isn’t working too well here in the suburbs. Will call him back soon. Got to work on the artists text tonight, and found a much-needed quote regarding Peter Kuper’s stencil work online in a digital version of the Mad Magazine book I read four years ago. No need tracking the book down at a mall! Back to SF tomorrow and then more writing and revising and hounding the few remaining folks who need to submit content. 1:00 AM and the AC is freezing my ass off. So to bed I go, with a hopeful final round of Benadryl.