Back In It

Today was Stencil Nation day after a too-long break to go to Burning Man. Mostly dealing with straggling photo submissions and back end admin tasks. I need to write! Got an em from Banksy saying he’d post images to me (though I didn’t give him my address). Had to write him back, so hope it doesn’t take another month to get a reply. Got some 1980s images from Jef Aerosol in Paris today after picking my faves last night. E-mailed Burning Man’s press dept. to get permission to put BRC in the book and the em bounced back. Hope the “questions” em will get it to the right bureaucrat. Very few submissions left. Sad that Aya and Xavi didn’t submit (I have some Xavi pics that may get in), and hope that A1One’s submissions make it from Iran in time (we’ll see). No word from Klutch who’s recovering from a heart attack, and DS Black’s 1990s SF submissions aren’t here yet either. Did download Logan Hick’s pieces today. His cut-outs are amazing! Left to do: WRITE, whittle down the images, get a designer to put the book together and format the images in one cookie-cutter way. Oh, got Chris’ forward for the book. Liked it. Need to revisit tomorrow and think about it some more.