Two Tornados

Yesterday was nonstop until about 9pm. Adam5100 stopped by on his fixie and dropped off his CDs of images (the original got lost in the mail). I jokingly blamed him on the throw up across the street from my place, and then we discussed how to create a 14 layer stencil without bridges (I have no idea, but he’s figuring it out). Josh emailed some chronology updates and clarifications. I went to storage and got things ready for Burningman, and also went through my stencils, picking some out to take to BRC. See that Logan sent his photos, and Peat gave me some great shots to add to the ones I have for his section. Maya helped me sort out her difusor photos, and MayU in Taiwan resent some of his submissions. Got a few more cold submissions and really hope that it’ll all fit in. Burningman is eclipsing the book at this point, as is contact with loved ones (I haven’t been in touch; too busy). Adam gave another designer lead, but it might be too much for too little. Still won’t hurt to meet and ask.

Off to storage to pick up my 45s and costumes! And then do 100 other things before Friday morning……….