So Many Photographs

Ah, another packed day of Stencil Nation work. The deadline for submissions passed today and I think I have too much to cram into the book. Only about six artists and documentarians still need to get their works to me, so that percentage isn’t too bad. Of the six, I’ve spoken with D.S. Black, Peat, Logan, and Adam5100. Jef Aersol will hopefully get some 1980s images to me later in the week. Hoping to meet up with Adam tomorrow to get his disc o’ stencils. D.S. is scanning negatives of SF stencils from the 1980s. Peat seems slammed with work, which is a good thing.

Of the submissions that came through today, Pixnit only had a few since her hard drive recently failed and ate her high res files. Got some amazing images of stencils in Oaxaca, Mexico. One says “Resistance Art” and defines the whole batch I got from Ita. Just downloaded some stencils from LBS in Taipei, Taiwan that’ll hopefully go in. And Stencil Revolution came through and about 3 artists gave me their top 5 tips on a thread I had there. I think I have a good batch of how to’s to begin to edit. Oh, and Chris said that it was OK to use the photos I took of his stencil booth at Burningman last year. Still need to ask the BMorg if I can use the other ones, most of which are from the DPW crew and straight up graffiti “street” stencils (graffiti at Burningman? This year, I’m on it!)

I’m actually caught up on checking the feeds and downloading all the images. Someone dropped me brand new Banksy photos from the UK and didn’t take any photo credit. Hmm, wonder if it was the man himself? That’s all I have for now to take off of my online file storage site. That didn’t exist a few years ago, so it has become a blessing due to email crashes. Guess Google mail would’ve worked too, but I prefer MediaFire.

So busy today. I managed to take a few breaks to eat. Had dinner with Laura and went for a walk to get away from the computer. Here I am 6 hours later working away. Took some time out to begin packing for Burningman. It has approached furiously, and so I must go to help the Sustainable Living Roadshow get its carny on under the Man. This’ll be my last big departure from the book project. September and October will be all about the book.

Onward now to begin to cull photos, write, and fret about who the graphic designer will be.