Stencil Nation Promo Production Day

Busy day here at Stencil Nation HQ. Today was all about gearing up for promotions. I worked out the button design this morning, set it up, and then printed it out. Just finished putting the buttons together tonight (thanks to Pip for working the button-making machine). Designed the simple 8.5×11 poster today too. Worked out a nifty stencil that’ll get painted on each poster. I just need to cut the stencil out and color copy the poster. Then paint them up! Most of the day was spent reworking the post card. Jennifer saw my design and wanted a simple version. I knocked it out in a few hours, and it’s off to press for a 1000 run. I should have those in a week. is up and running. The soft release continues. I’m indebted to the master skillz of Antonio for the site. I wouldn’t have had a site if he didn’t offer to do it. So, looking at my to-do list before I retire to dream land, I’ve got a good bit checked off after today.