Whew. Had plans today to work on other pieces of the promotions, but fell in my lap and ended up being mostly done today. Though it took a bit longer than expected, Antonio knocked out a great site for the book! I spent most of the day emailing Antonio with small edits, and in the XML files to format the text. There are still a few small things that need to be done, but I’m rolling out the “soft” release today. Since tomorrow’s tax day (all hail the military industrial complex), I don’t think it’d be a great time to send out emails announcing the new site. I’ll wait until the end of this week. Who cares about stencils when I have to do my taxes!? I’ve done mine actually. No money to the Pentagon for me this year. Call it voluntary poverty to protest the war(s). Anyway, have moved forward on the buttons and sent the post card files to Manic D to get approved. They offered to print up 1000 which is a great thing for me. A few donations for the tour have trickled in recently too. I hope to ramp up the “please donate” pitch as well to pay for gas on this trip. Will work on the buttons and poster bills tomorrow. Have a neat idea for the posters that I hope the store owners will like. PaperMonster contacted me to let me know that he’s working on 2, maybe 3, window displays to promote his art and the book in NJ and PA. Thanks! Also, Jennifer upped the price of the book a bit to cover for all the crazy shipping costs that have started to spike in the past few weeks. The book is $24.99 now (thanks Big Oil). Sheesh!