Fuzzy Math: 750ish Photos and 47 Sections

Whew! Literally just finished formatting all the filenames for the photos, along with checking spellings, ordering according to preference, doing a bit of research here and there, editing copy to fit the photos as the narrative changes, etc. Actually finished on time too, so that’s a pretty good thing going there. Need to get the DVD to Justine in NYC tomorrow, and will work on the copy for the rest of the weekend and just e-mail that as a .zip file. In other news, I just set up a MySpace page for Stencil Nation. In a matter of minutes, I had over a dozen friend spams. Had to go in there and report them all. MySpace is such a blinky, ad-driven, pain, but millions flock there. Not much going on at that site, but hope to put some time into it later this month. Need to start thinking about the site design for StencilNation.org too. Should be basic enough. Can’t believe that there are over 750 photos going to Justine. This is after I spent a while editing them down to that amount. I had to give her sliding scale numbers for how many pages each of the 47 sections will get. If not, it’d be too big or too small. If each section got three pages with no text, then that’d be 144 pages. That’s about the right amount that Manic D gave me to publish, so with the text, some of the sections will be smaller. I have tried my best to get many of the submitted photos in there and hope that they’ll still make it. If not, they’ll be on StencilNation.org, backing up some of the photos in the book. Really looking forward to seeing Justine work her design magic and make it all well laid out and in there. Ah, the fuzzy math gets boiled down to copy, rules, and images on the pages. Here we go….