Writin’ ‘n’ formattin’

Where did yesterday go? I spent a solid 12 hours in front of my trusty machine, writing and then beginning the painful task of formatting all the photo information. I can’t imagine what Justine will go through once she gets the DVD from me. She’ll have 4 GBs of photos to open, resize, color correct, and even stitch together on a few occasions. I have to do the following: compile the information on each photo, put it in an Excel table, order the files from “publish first” to “publish last,” copy/paste filename into the filename (ex.: “Origins_DS_01.jpg”), and double-check for spelling. While doing this, I have to hop through several applications, using Excel, Finder, Word, and sometimes Preview and Firefox. My organizational skills, though advanced, still fall short on some of the submissions, so I have to dig online to find information. Last night I dug into Jef Aerosol’s Flickr archive to get dates on works, locations, etc. Things went easier with Scott Williams, maybe because I am more familiar with his work and took all the photos. Copy/past and Excel’s intuitive cell-memory cache are my friends for this grueling task. I had a design appointment with a friend today and then have spent several hours working on the cover comps that Manic D sent me. The two they sent me where nice, eye-catching, and conveyed somewhat different aspects of stencil art. We ended up with a dilemma: one cover is a good book cover and the other is a stronger stencil. Publishers are deciding as I write. Speaking of writing, I did manage to finish up all the copy for the book. I wrote more than I thought for the latter sections I worked on. Need to look them over and revise. Should do that before falling into the JPG-hole. In other book news, June 1 was set for the release date. Might have some fun going on in Toronto for the opening. Things are already starting to flesh out for the main opening here in San Francisco. More on that once I get this content out the do’!