13k Words re: Stencils

Ah, a day with nothing to do. After about two months of pounding out the book, a lull has arrived. I mailed out the DVD of photos to Justine in NYC Friday and she got them yesterday. I finally finished hacking out the text and sent that on to the editor yesterday. After all was said and done, I only wrote 10.7k words for the book. I took submissions for parts and edited/rewrote that too, so the total is about 13k. I’ve seen longer articles than that in New Yorker, and am still wondering how writers can knock out those long pieces under tight deadlines. If left to my own facilities, I’d probably work on the text for another year or so, agonizing over every comma and semi-colon. I gave up the editing fight and sent it on to get read by a fresh pair of eyes. Yes, things got a bit hazy towards the end. Some of the parts were written weeks ago so weren’t holding my attention that well. Edits will come back soon and rewrites will happen. For now, I just sent some promotional photos to Manic D so that the book can be promoted out there in the world. I started the MySpace page for the book. Already starting to think through the Spring book opening event and the web site. But am trying not to think about it much today. Enjoy the lull….