A Stencil State of Mind

Wow, my first stencil-related posting in about six weeks. Wasn’t completely off the negative space buzz, but it was on the back burner. Hmm, mixing cliches makes for yummy late night blog post. OK: This week was all things Stencil Nation Winter Tour(s). Added a few more shows on the tour, which I’ll officially post and announce very soon. Have three gigs in Spartanburg, SC, one of which is tomorrow morning at Wofford College. Stop by if you’re in the area from 10am to noon (at the WoCo bookstore). Also booked a gig in Philly and Charlston, SC. Hope to finalize gigs in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Amherst, but had to abandon Athens, GA due to running out of time. I spent a morning painting stencils on some color printed posters and then mailed out promo packets to the Northeast leg of the tour. Haven’t heard from Brian MacKenzie Infoshop in DC, so after three phone messages, I’ve decided to make that date tentative. No worries since I’ve booked an event at National Harbor, MD with Art Whino gallery. Glad that worked out and hope Brian Mac is allright and not out of business. What to do in the next 2-4 days? Well, I’ll begin to post promo to the press in the Northeast and will make promo packets for the Southeast leg and mail those out. Then I’ll get the word out to the press for those gigs. After that? No rest! I then will buy all the tickets I need for travel and will work on places to crash along the way. After that, I’ll begin to put feelers out for a January California tour. With the economy tanking like it is, I must admit that wanderiong around with my Stencil 101 slide show and peddling my book makes for odd theater in these spiraling times. I have a pulse on the nation I guess, which mostly feels like no one is really worried about this historical mess. They’re all happy that gas prices just went down! Oh well, the fiddles play while the CEO’s away. Hey, Manic D, where’s my golden parachute!?