Stencil Obsession Immortalized by Mona Caron


Here are photos of the complete mural pieces

While I was working on the book in San Francisco, I’d sometimes stop by Mona Caron’s mural-in-progress up on 24th St. in Noe Valley. I’d climb the scaffold and hang out with Mona and Lisaruth while they worked on the piece that showed Noe Valley’s past and fantastical future. I helped when I could, pulling out staples or rolling up things. This mural has two parts, making it a diptych, and I only got to see the beginning of the other piece across the parking lot before I hit the road. Little did I know that Mona and Lisaruth put me in the mural, doing what I do best – walking away from a group of awesome people (Stencil Nation contributor Steven Black, Diamond Dave, Calamity, etc.) and snapping a random stencil on the street. How cool is that!? I missed their mural unveiling so can’t wait to get back to SF and see the amazing finished piece(s). Thanks for including me!