USA Doesn’t Exist

Jan. 12, ’10 Dream….

USA as we know it doesn’t exist. Proof comes when a person tries to pay for something with USA dollar bills. Being rare, the man behind the counter takes them with amazement and interest. The person who paid with the obsolete money is part of a group of creative people who have just come back into civilization to get by on the fringes. This group lived in the woods for years and left their seclusion by piloting white gliders out of the hills and into the farmland outside the city.

While visiting their new, urban compound (not sure if I am undercover for the government or not), I walk past three racks of printed t-shirts. All the prints are in red ink, with political images and messages. Inside, each of the artists have sections of the shack (it is made from sheets of metal) to display their items for sale. One member has intricate sculptures made out of paper or paper-mache.

Soon after my visit, the compound is peacefully raided (no stormtrooper/SWAT tactics) and all the underground artists are taken into custody. The money exchange was their tragic mistake!

………. Another Dream Fragment from that Morning …….

A theme park exists in the side of a tree-covered hill or mountain. Fantastical rooms exist in carved out parts of the hill. Houses can be rented, shopping malls stretch out into the earth. Even the bathrooms are elegant and high class. Wandering the maze-like halls and stairwells, I discover a huge, indoor pool.