We Will Be Destroyed

Jan. 14, ’10 Dream

I am visiting a desert-covered planet and am luckily in the privileged class. My class live in exotic, high-rise buildings constructed from red-colored tubes and glass. Floating above the living center, more red-cubed structures house water tanks filled with fish. These two staples sustain the privileged class. Outside theses structures, the people who get by in the harsh climate live in a city that looks like modern-day Cairo.

I spend an evening in the structure with several attractive women who only want to marry the super rich of our class. We go to a club, and bored, I meet a man who seems as disgusted as I am with the follies of our class. We become friends and even practice an intricate, intimate survival drill for the imminent nuclear attack.

In this drill, one puts an object in side one’s throat, which causes gills to form on one’s neck. Once the gills are formed, one can go into a water tank and breath in the water. Somehow this is the developed survival method for a nuclear attack.

Later, I decide to leave the controlled environment of the structure and “slum it” in the dirty streets of the sprawling city. On one visit outside, I try to find a cafe to have some tea. On a second visit outside, I ride an odd-shaped bike with my friend, CC and LRE. LRE needs to sew something, so we stop at a tailoring stand in the market. LRE walks behind the counter and uses the sewing machine for her task. Back on our bikes, we go down a steep hill and find a pub for a drink. I have been to this pub before.

The nuclear attack is finally coming and no one except myself and my friend seem to care. The first mushroom cloud flashes in the distance. I see it reflected in the panes of the floating aquarium structure. As my friend and I prepare for our own mushroom cloud, we place our gill-making device tools out. He tells me to get my tank ready, but I tell him that I want to share a tank with him. “Why?” he asks. “Because I love you,” I say. “I have always loved you.”