Dream of a Felled Gravestone

Before the vivid memory kicked in, I was shifting through random worlds, going in and out of unfamiliar places. I end up at this house in the country, and walk outside. I see E. leaning on a gravestone, and walk over to see what you are up to. The gravestone falls over, revealing a tunnel that goes under the green grass and into the ground. We decide to crawl into the tunnel, and wind our way to a larger area that is bathed in light. On the left of us is a white wall with opaque windows, allowing the light to come into the tunnel. Past that wall, we find a door, and open it.

We walk into the large room, which looks like an indoor greenhouse, complete with skylights and well maintained gardens. We walk through the garden towards another door and open it. It leads us into an exquisite apartment with commanding views of a Germanic downtown (more like Salzburg than Wien). The apartment is immaculate, with sparse, modern decor. We snoop around and end up laying on a large couch or bed. At this part of the dream, subliminal erotic images flash, taking me away from the current “moment” in the apartment.

Back on the couch, I am ready to go back to the other world. The place is empty, and nice, so E. decides to stay. I exit the way we came in, and once I go past the white-lit walls in the tunnel, I look over my shoulder. Another portal has opened just under the window, and a well-dressed middle-aged woman appears. She doesn’t notice me and, after straightening her suit, heads into the garden room. “I hope E. won’t get into too much trouble,” I say. Crawling back out of the grave in the other world, I realize that that apartment belonged to the dead man who was under the felled gravestone.