Dreams: Octopus, Roadtrip, Shadows

A monster lurks in a building. Only later the monster turns out to be an octopus. Confused, it refuses to come through the door and hides under furniture instead. In the second dream, babies (or siblings) are discovered hiding with the octopus.


On a road-trip, in the back of a station wagon and trying to sleep. Catch glimpses of cityscapes, foggy landscapes, and so decide to get up and crawl into the passenger seat. We enter north, to brown overcast skies. The driver aggressively navigates traffic, almost driving us off a kudzu-covered embankment.


I walk with a group around the edge of a wooded area. We feel a strong force. Is it held in the larger box-like structure? The cables stretched through the trees. We walk into a theater and go on stage. Feeling the force we begin to move, casting our bodies’ shadows on a large screen.

May 13, 2011