Dream: A Domestic Zombie

We live in a world where the government ruthlessly hunts and kills zombies. Helicopters fly over, searching for them with powerful lights and shooting them up with huge guns. One male zombie has found an empty part of a group apartment to hide in. He stays in part of the apartment that is behind the fridge and separated by large pieces of plywood. At one point, during a party, the plywood falls over. The zombie gets up and adjusts it into its right position.

He eventually befriends some of the men that live in the apartment. He seems to think on a child-like level, and does not appear to be hungry for brains. They offer him human food, which he takes. When the government discovers this zombie, and go after him, he is protected by the humans. Not human, yet not a pet either, the zombie relies on the humans for protection and safety.

They wonder if he might be a new evolutionary species of zombie. One that can live among humans in peace.