Recurring Dream

Two young brothers live on a ship with their distant parents (the parents never physically appear in the dream). Much of the dream concerns the oldest boy’s issues with reality. Are he and his brother being haunted by a girl and a boy on the ship? Or are they alive? The older brother must look at his sanity as he has to get more violent with the ghosts. First, he throws the girl off the ship without any reaction from his parents. Then he throws large monkey wrenches at the boy ghost, knocking him in the head and forcing him overboard. The younger brother must deal with the horror of what looks like death/murder of their tormentors. During this, the parents seem like selfish voices concerned with not being interrupted from their sleep or eating. The final scene shows the two boys trying to crack on glow sticks they found in a box. “They’ve all expired,” one brother says. They then try to plug in a string of pink “Christmas” lights, but they don’t work either. The boys walk over to a stairwell, with bannisters that have small, hydraulic pumps, and nod to what sounds like a clunking washing machine. The sound comes up from the deck below them.