Leaves Begin to Peak

Drove up to Asheville Wednesday to visit with a friend up there. There’s a tiny one bedroom apartment below her place that’s for rent ($300!!) if anyone’s interested in moving to NC. Caught the leaves at the beginning of the peak, so the mountain sides are beginning to lose the green. Took most of these photos while stencil hunting in Asheville so you’ll get some nice urban decay mixed in with the leaves. Yellow has finally begun to show up in the palatte of earth’s autum colors. Fly out of Asheville tomorrow so abosutely cannot wait to see the colors from above. Oh, Obama mania was subtly in display up in NC. Didn’t see anything like I do in SF when the folks get on the streets with signs and go crazy for honks. Guess that happens in NC next Tuesday. Included in this batch is a nifty Obama stencil by the artist Apathy.