LAST niGht: Melbourne Speeding Ticket: All Happy Eyes

Melbourne speeding ticket. Camera caught while fleeing concrete and spray paint. Started the day, but it got better fast. Hope it did for you too. Was glad to back in my town San Francisco. To ground. To connect. To vote. Fun time voting with The Twin. Had to deal with a rotten window too, but that wasn’t so bad. Took care of things. Rode my bike! Ran into people, Mission style. Get massage. Tight neck and shoulders relaxing hour. Eat collards. Then go meditate vipassana style over at a church on 15th St. Good to have sanga while in the City. About 10 minutes left in the sit, and a house of Obama supporters flood the streets outside the church. Hard to concentrate. Teacher ends with no dharma talk. Pulls out tiny TV. Puts mic to it. McCain giving concession speech! Put on shoes. Run/walk back to Flora Bora where normal-sized TV awaits. Watch McCain a bit from passing bar TVs. SMILES on faces. Cheering in the streets. Screaming. Hugging. Laughing. Honking cars zip by. Make it to home and TV awaits. McCain has finished and all await Obama. Time to pop corn as station plays commercials. “Are they selling commercials like they do for the Super Bowl,” asks D’Louie. HA. HLZ and A. Girl show up just in time to hear Obama’s speech. HMM :: he quoted Lincoln. Illinois, state of Lincoln. Wow, he just said that ideas and deeds outdo money and military. He’ll listen to people he doesn’t agree with. Amid 2 inch thick bullet proof glass, Biden/Obama and family greet the throngs of people. Many crying. Flags waving. Screaming in the streets of the Mission. D’Louie and Then Twin are jacked on the energy. Me too. We cruise with no destination other than hitting the street to see the celebration. I suggest Castro St. and we all agree. People headed that way. All happy eyes. Hit Castro St. and walk into  the No On 8 street party. 8 is winning. That’s bad, so we all celebrate Obama. I walk up to a just-lit effigy of George Bush. Chanting “O-Ba-Ma” begins. I change it to “No More Bush!”. D’Louie turns into party sniffing hound and we stand close to the stage. In front of The Castro Theater. Large TV screen on stage. Man stripping up on fire escape. Takes shirt off. Climbs higher. Dances to DJ music. Climbs to the top of the building. SFPD begin to climb fire escape on first floor. Guy up top begins to take his belt off. Tosses it over the SFPD below. They’re just below. Oh, now a fancy dressed couple begin making out right in front of me. A woman tries to climb a potted tree and puts her ass all in D’Louie’s face. She’s not sure if she’s digging that. Texting friends all over the City. Party in the streets on Divis. In the streets on Valencia. Castro is on TV. Cheese! On the move again and head up to Market cutting over on 17th. Run into Moe at Church! Get to chat. Good times. Look for the roving Extra Action street party but don’t see it. All blow up the stairs to great conversation, warm beds, and sweet dreams. Wake up this morning wondering if it was all a dream. It wasn’t after various nibbles and pinches. Flora Bora feels good. All seem happy. The clucking of “Ba-Rock” fills the house. Back on Bike! Consuming for America. Jonathan calls so head over to MFP and reconnect with the Facilitator of Fun for the Roadshow. Good hang time, eating Thai leftovers and dreaming, dreaming, dreaming……. Off to Market St. for some dessert. Apple pie of course, but with a “change”. Rice pudding ice cream instead of vanilla. We aren’t doin’ vanilla…. LNE visits so good to see again. 8pm where’s Al? Meeting up with Al. Ah, there’s the call. Go outside to be polite at the table and watch about 400 angry queers screaming “Out of the bars, and into the streets!” Protesting Prop 8’s victory. Three men run out of the cafe and join the mass. Jonathan and LNE go to join. Farewell. Hello Al. Zip to Lower Haight (on bikes!), past Sean’s work in progress on Lower Haters. Beer at Toronado. Zip over to D-Structure to Look and HLZ’s stain glass window. Rocks! Bike down Market and hang at Al’s. Knock over toys. Break a few things. Fixed. Good. Bike more. So tired. But must write. At least attempt to show the flow of the “new era”. And how I saw it go down in San Francisco. Left of East. Over the Rockies and at the edge of the world. Where islands burn in the Bay. Prophecy town, pushing corners of the box. Trying our best. And happy to be alive.