stencilStencil Pleasure Once Again

Ah, the smell of stability. Stencil Archive is finally online in a reasonable form worth mentioning to the outside world. After about 6 or 7 months of stencil pain from various fronts, deleted postings or otherwise, Spring of 2005 brought a fresh blooming of creative goodness.

The stencil mural I worked on with Josh MacPhee and a few other artists looks great and has been well-received by the neighborhood.

I just got the permissions to work in Stencil Archive’s photo albums. What exactly does this mean? After months of collecting a stencil pics backlog, now numbering in the high hundreds, I can now get in there, fix some errors, and post an ass-load of art from all over the world. I haven’t stopped shooting stencils in the Bay Area, and a few amazing souls have braved the troubled waters of Stencil Archive to submit pics when they found those rare openings of past stability.

I have to say that there are other sites out there that are really holding the stencil community together right now. Many artists have started their own photoblogs of stencils, while others are creating their own dynamic sites. I’m still very happy to see that support for art form gets bigger and better, and I hope that folks will start stopping by, or subscribe to my RSS feeds, to see the new uploads on my site. It’s all about community to me, so I look forward to getting back in to that routine of putting new pics online regularly and eming amazing artists and fans.

I also had a good visit with Klutch while he was in town supporting the Vinyl Killers community at Hotel des Arts. We spent an evening wandering around the Mission looking at all kinds of graff. I also got to see the vinyl on the walls of the hotel, and will of course post pics on to my site.

May 1, Mia Rovegno premiered a segment of Street Level TV that had myself and Josh MacPhee chatting up all things stencils, and walking around Valencia St. looking at different art. Called “Stencil Art Archivists,” Mia got really jazzed about the street art world and thinks that it might be a bit of a larger piece she wants to create. She’s currently planning on taking the segment to NYC, and Pod might take it to Berlin.

Finally, I recently got a call from the San Francisco Art Institute asking for a copy of my Scott Williams archive. Scott is receiving an award from SFAI and will have a show there in the near future. They were grateful to receive about 800 megs of pics that I’ve taken and collected over the years. I seem to be his main archivist, so it felt good to contribute to his show and award celebration.

So where to start? I guess I’ll hit up those archives and dig into some major photo uploading for the next week or three. If only I had the free time that I did two weeks ago….

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