Winter Lull

A small bit of news on the book project. The artist who made the stencil that ended up on the book’s cover finally got in touch with me. Am glad that this happened before the book went to press, so now he can get proper credit in the book. Jennifer guessed correctly that the person staring at us is an actress who was part of Warhol’s scene. I have been focused on the Stencil Archive upgrade, as well as a Critical Mass party at CELLspace, so the book has been on the backburner. Wished that Stencil Archive would go quicker but it has taken months to get this Drupal site going. Haven’t been able to work on a site for, but managed to create a new one-stop source that will have all the info you could need on the book here on Happy Feet. It should do for now (Stencil History X just has a MySpace page for its site). Justine is back from her vacation, so I hope to see a second revision of the book soon. Am still working out a tour in June, up to Seattle or BC, and need to get back to working out the book opening events here in SF. I keep asking myself, “do I really want to self-produce a tour when I know that producing one show can be a pile of work?” It’s a dream realized so I’m jumping in like a fish in water.