Dream: Free the Festival

A college of students living in a vaulted graveyard which runs down a hillside wants to participate in their university’s film festival. Other Cinema is the only group allowed to be in the closed festival, so they illegally bribe the graveyard college to not participate. They try to bribe them first with wrapped gifts, then they offer potential sexual favors. When this doesn’t work, Other Cinema uses baseless intimidation. They get caught using this last tactic and exit via the bottom of the graveyard. Another group then walks through calling for revolution in France.

I must be a leader of the group that wants to be included in the festival because the Other Cinema’s tactics have been heavily directed towards me. I tell a revolutionary marcher, a man with curly dark hair and a green anarchy star button on his shirt, to quit joking around about revolution. He tells me he wants to seriously protest traditional marriage, so I suggest a transgender wedding on the steps of City Hall. This activist is hoping to have a famous person in this protest.


A vampire is haunting a futuristic San Francisco. I have been stuck in a theme park ride which goes out into the Bay, and keep seeing the monster kill victims. I have also been on the streets with a group of friends, stuck between the sound barriers/walls that protect the houses on the other side.  Bits of the dream lead me into someones house (mine?) and back in the street.