Waiting on PDFs

Justine emailed me a second draft teaser this week. Jennifer and I both wanted the Chronology to be reworked so that it would read better. This probably stood out as the largest change to the book, so Justine sent it to us before we got the whole second draft to see what we thought. I liked it, and found a few revisions to make while I easily read over the entries. The Chronology will zig zag right to left across a two-page spread for four pages total. It’ll have about 60 endnotes at the back of the book. The background is based upon the cover’s plywood motif. Nice redesign, Justine. The second draft should show up real soon. I can’t imagine how much time Justine has spent on color correcting the hundreds of photos, on top of the revisions I gave her. Can’t wait to see the whole book as well, because the first draft stopped a little past two-thirds of the content. Had a great talk with my bud Antonio about making a simple Flash site for StencilNation.com. Antonio is a Flash guru of sorts who promised to get something out for me by May. So I have to make a design, and give him site layout and content within a week. That item just jumped up to the top of my book to-do list! Will make the flyer too soon as well. In other stencil news, Precita Eyes volunteers just told me that a NYC publisher has picked up their ongoing book project about Mission District street art (murals and everything else). I contributed photos to them about three years ago, so was glad to hear that their book will get published. It’ll probably be a real-sized coffee table book. They also plan on developing a national exhibit that will have doors from CELLspace’s Mission Market annex, as well as plywood pieces that Precita has kept over the decades. I hope to give more information about their book as they release the details. Someday I hope to get to see their book too. Spent some time developing an email and mail list to start announcing the book news. Also am about to make the call to artists for the Book Opening exhibit at Revolution Cafe, and anyone who’s interested in doing a book store window display in their city. Finally, looking for part-time work to try to make ends meet until June. Any donations would be appreciated if you can spare some change for a future gallon of on-tour gas ($4 a gallon! I need all the help I can get to drive to Victoria).