Stencils for Malcolm X’s Birthday

Spent May 19th, Malcolm X’s birthday, priming the sidewalk and painting stencils at the Revolution Cafe (location of the June 6 Book Release Party and Stencil Exhibit)

The stencil fun is starting to ramp up. Submissions for the June 6 exhibit are starting to come in. Josh MacPhee and Janet Attard’s art has arrived. John Fekner’s in on the way. Klutch and Adam5100 are sending pieces. Tiago is too. Scott Williams is ready to give me some art for the walls. Spent yesterday at the Revolution Cafe putting up the above portraits of 20th Century revolutionaries. Fitting to do it on Malcolm X’s birthday. Things didn’t go smoothly but I am extremely happy with the outcome. Walked around the Mission today and hung up posters for the June 6 and 7 events. People were excited about the event yesterday while working at Rev Cafe. Have a few more book stores to hit up with posters and then will be done with that. Sent off PR to the weeklies last week, and gave them great photos to use (photos usually gets their attention, thus more copy on their calenders). My family is placing a huge order of books for everyone in SC. The books should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll start mailing out the orders that have been placed via (about 40 sold so far). All the promo has arrived up the coast and to the artists who requested them. Still waiting to mail one packet to Vancouver early June (at their request). No update on Australia. Have spoken to Peat and we’re still going to do it mid-July. Had a paid performance gig for the Fall not get funded so am wondering how I’ll be able to tour later this year. I’ll be broke! Still trying to figure this out. Janet has been getting great press in Toronto for her window display and cross-promo. Tiago has also cross-promo’d the Portland event with Pedalpalooza up there. Oh… started to finally create the slide pres for the roadshow. Looking good and about one-third finished. Plan on cranking it out this week and making my roomies sit through it as a test audience. Can’t wait to see the book! Will post my reactions tomorrow, maybe with a few photos of the actual book.