May 10 Dream

I’m on the road and out in the country with Jonathan and a group of people. While we look for a place to stay for the night, Jonathan thinks he hears someone screaming in the woods. One of our passengers suggests he go check it out, so David S. and I tag along for the ride. We take a small country road through the woods and come out at a cluster of homes. We realize that we’ve just driven into an army base. Jonathan gets curious about one house and we walk inside to investigate. I get separated from them but find nothing weird going on. Outside, I find Jonathan taking photos of David in front of a fallout shelter sign. David is naked and painted orange! We all get a good laugh over this until the police show up. Jonathan and David flee and hide while I blend in with the curious onlookers. I decide to get in Jonathan’s car (a borrowed junker) to head down the road a bit. I visualize them jumping in for a getaway. I have problems with the manual transmission so just end up at the house next door. I stick around and befriend the elderly woman who lives in the first house. She and the head cop are good people, but a younger cop is antsy for an arrest. I walk through the second house and pass young girls. Jonathan and David reveal themselves to me, so I try to figure out a way to get them out of the house. On the back porch, the girls get their mom to talk to the police. I try to prepare the car for a getaway again and do better with the gears. The elderly woman tells me to leave it at the edge of the drive and then goes into her neighbor’s house. She comes back a bit later and tells me to drive around. “Can you tell where I hid them?” she asks me. Suddenly, Jonathan and David appear from small bundles of towels on the lawn. They hop in the car and we take off. We pass the elderly woman’s house and see several people walking to it. They’re blue and green with glittery clothes. We get a laugh and drive back into the woods.