on the Front Burner

Over a burrito last week, my friend Antonio told me he’d do a Flash site for I had given up on a decent site for the book because of lack of funds and skills. Antonio’s got a full-time job cranking out Flash content, and recently took a class to acquire better skills. So I was excited that he offered to make the site. Like I always say, content is the sticky party of site design, and Antonio readily agreed that if he doesn’t have content to work with, then the project has to wait. Luckily for me, I mostly do online art in vector form, so have lots of fun things to throw at the design. The design itself is simple, with a bit of animation, and came to me all at once several nights ago (I get amazing ideas while trying to go to sleep). Sketched it out and met up with Antonio last night to discuss my story boards. He dug it. The sooner I get him the content, the sooner he’ll work on it when time permits. The last project I worked with Antonio on was a DVD for the last Puppet Supper. Took him months to get it to me! I was very clear about my needing the website live and online no later than early May. Let’s keep the fingers crossed on that. Spent the last few days compiling content, resketching the story boards with clear directions, and putting all the text content together into one file (with some new writing). It’s almost ready to burn on CD and pass to Antonio! Two sticking bits right now: sample pages from Justine, and figuring out how to create a “buy” button. Do I link to Amazon (where I’ll see the profit in a year), PayPal (which I’ll have to mail out and some people might not use), or another book store (Powell’s)? Will answer that question soon enough so the project can move on… and I can begin to work on other things that need to be done.