Stencil Nation vs. XLt Mini Tour Pics 1.0

Text posting in the works when I have the time. Meanwhile, enjoy tour pix……

stencil nation berlin

The Stencil Nation Presentation Begins! (Neurotitan Gallery, Mitte, Berlin)

Stencil Nation Praha

After a great presentation at Skolska (Old City, Praha), they became an official spot on the Stencil Nation map.

stencil nation on the road

Needing a break from urban networkz, Pod and I took a brief walk behind a gas station we stopped at in Czech Rep. Lots of critter tracks back there.

Stencil Nation, Zilina SK

Great turn out in Zilina, Slovakia. Had to have an interpreter who made those who know Slovak and English laugh at his take on what I said. Stanica Cultural Center rocks too and is worth a visit if you wander through SK.


The Stencil Mapping of the Nation continues. This time, a globe appears in a trashed, yet working Stanica phone booth.


Phoning Home! The SN vs. XLt Road Crew tries to see if three brains can figure out how to place a phone call to the UFO in Bratislava. Hello? Ground Control?