Euro Zone Mini-Tour Begins Tonight!

Stencil Nation vs XLt Ost Euro Zone Jan. Mini-Tour

  • 8 Thu assoonas gallery, Wohlersallee 48, Hamburg, DE (8 pm presentation; Podinski will not be at this stop)
  • 14 Wed Neurotitan, Berlin, DE (9 pm presentation; 10:30 pm after party downstairs @ Eschschloraque with VJ Home Cut, et al)
  • 16 Fri Skolska28, Prague, CZ (7:30 pm presentation; after party follows with guest VJ Home Cut)
  • 18 Sun Stanica, Zilina, SK (8 pm presentation; after party TBA)
  • 22 Thu Zeitvertrieb, Wien, AT (7 pm presentation; after party follows with special guests VJ Home Cut and Dieter Puntigam)
  • The amazing DJ/VJ Podinski will also appear at these presentations, dishing out his multi-kulti treats. DJ/VJ Podinski is a psychomedia analyst with, an arts + praxis think tank developing radical hybrid organisms for immediate and unmediated fecundity. XLt work has been featured at festivals, conferences and venues such as Next 5 Minutes, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, 24C3, Roxy/NoD, Pergamon Museum, Kulturbrauerei and Club der Polnische Versager.

    Info can change so go here for all the latest news.