Stencil Nation Book Drops Back In

Things started happening today for the book project. Jennifer at Manic D started sending edited copy over for me to check out. She also started asking for some follow up things to go along with the text, one of them being to contact the artists who gave written comments and ask them some simple questions about when they started and where they do stencils. She also sent me the final version of the Stencil Nation cover, which I have had for a while now. Just wanted to be safe. Went ahead and posted it on MySpace and began to develop a Flickr page as well. I have worked on the MySpace site and have a layout that I’m happy with. It wasn’t easy to reformat, but it now looks different from all the other generic MS pages. Have started uploading photos on each site, as well as over on the Stencil Tribe. Got word that Janet Attard will be creating a window display for the book’s release. Glad that’s moving forward and hope that other artists will be interested in doing that in their cities. Now it’s on to reading the edits and picking up the loose ends that Jennifer has noticed. Also just got to take a look at Justine’s book designs. Only got the first 20 pages, but got a great idea of her vision for things. I gave her comments, design suggestions, opinions, and was told by the editor not to micromanage. Understand this and didn’t have any intention to continue to offer edits and critiques, but felt that I needed to voice some opinions early on to help guide Justine’s vision closer to my own. Guess I’ll be out of the design loop for the most part. I still plan on fighting for getting to view updates and progress (it is my book!).