Paring Down Photos

Photo editing has begun. I have thrown out about 100 of my own photographs (there are still dozens more in the book) and over 60 of the submitted ones (which will end up on the forthcoming, using reasonings that most editors will understand: this one is similar to that one, this one doesn’t fit what I’ve written, that one is out of focus, that artist has too many in this section, etc. Beginning the photo shearing has also given me an idea of how the page spreads will look for the sections: Tokyo will probably get a page, San Francisco about 4, D.S. Black two, etc. I have also started the photo-file-detail formatting process, detailing one folder and eming it to Justine the designer for her OK on it. Once she likes what she sees, then I’ll begin the process for each and every photo file. Feels like it’s going to be grueling, but like most design tasks, I’ll find that groove and forget about the time (my aching shoulder joints won’t). Visited Scott Williams today and showed him the time line (made a tweak) and the photos that I chose to put in his section (a few tweaks). A friend of his came over, and she has photos of Scott’s 1980s work, as well as stencil photos from Poland in 1990. She even thought she could put the word out for other people to look for old stencil photos around the world! Ahhh, that Stencil History book keeps looking better all the time. Gee Vaucher em’d back with tweaks to the time line, and might try to get photos to me this week. Susan Meiselas em’d back too and will see what she can find in her 1980s Sandinista archives this week. And Klutch finally submitted his images, but forgot the details! Still no word from Andie and the BRC LLC…. Writing time tomorrow. Think it’s going well, this book. Already starting to think of ways to promote it (the producer hat is sneaking on my head), which won’t start in earnest until early 2008.