Janet Bike Girl’s Stencil Nation Window, Toronto

Many thanks to Janet Bike Girl Attard for setting up a Stencil Nation window at Pages in Toronto. Will be in Toronto June 13 and am looking forward to meeting all the amazing, supportive people up there!

About the Bike Love & Stencil Nation Display:
This installation was created by stencil artist, Janet Bike Girl.
It was on display from March 1 to March 21 2009.

Pages Books and Magazines
256 Queen St West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Special Thanks to Martin Heath of CineCycle, for the installation of this Pages Art Window.
CineCycle MicroCinema and by appointment Bicycle Repair.
416 971 4273

Special Thanks to my assistant Melissa Oliveira for all the behind the scenes work !

All hearts were hand cut by my volunteer Carolina Machado.

My studio in Toronto is by appointment only, please email if you would like to visit:
Janet Bike Girl

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