Christine Marie: Peter’s Shadow (So Cal)

The story of a man who sells his shadow. Musical composition by Gerard Schultz. Dance Choreography by Christie Nelson-Sala. Featuring live music, dance and 3D shadows!

Tues., April 28 at 8pm to Sat., May 2 at 8pm
California Institute of the Arts Ensemble Theater E400
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA

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  • Steven Wendt
  • Andre Thompson Sinclair
  • Ajayla Bendele
  • Alexandra Kustin
  • Kimberley Guevara
  • Edward Rowley
  • Jared Janush
  • Jessica Hemmingway
  • Chase Woolner

Featuring the artistry of:

  • Kit Stolen
  • Lianne Arnold
  • Daniel Barsky
  • Lexi
  • Bryan Yu