Non-Stencil Photos fm the Trip So Far

Sienna, IT

the cathedral in Sienna, in all its decorative glory

Sienna, IT

the medieval skyline of Sienna. I noticed cut off towers in Firenze as well after this day trip.

firenze, IT

Up on Brunelleschi’s dome during sunset, Firenze, IT. The tourist activity that I loved the most.

Firenze Sunset

Ah, Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Graffiti on the walls is an extra!

Berlin Sunset

Sunset in Berlin, DE. Coooold!

Berlin, ice

My attempt to create abstract wallpaper photo for my laptop. Kinda looks cool… (Berlin, Spree River)

Hamburg, Ice City

More icy river pics, this time from the Elbe in Hamburg, DE

Bunker Graff

The graffiti on the bunker, behind Rote Flora Kultur Center. Totally sick graff!