ahhhh, photo credits tedium

Good morning. I’m about to hit the sack because I need to get up early and make some pancakes for the CELLspace 12th Birthday Party Brunch. Just spent the last 4 hours reformatting the photo credits section of Stencil Nation. I met with Jennifer Friday afternoon over coffee, a muffin, and a fresh color copy of Justine’s second revision. We both agree that she’s done an excellent job on putting this book together with the meager resources we’ve given her. It all looks great and we chatted about it with excited oohs and aahs. Getting down to the page-to-page revisions, Jennifer has the sharpest eye for finding things that need to be fixed. She’s left me hanging with all the text, which I’ll read over this week for any final corrections, and caught things as we skimmed over the book. I wish she’d scan the copy since she’s so good at it. Everything seems small enough except for the chronology and photo credits. I grabbed the photo credits off of the PDF file and dove in tonight. It’s just too long in its current format, so I have been trying to make everything more concise. I have been deleting line returns, repetitive words and phrases, urls (which are going to the resources page), etc. But I’m stopping on page 105 and have only trimmed off about 400 words! I’m half way in the book but under half way through all the photos too (it is going to be 192 pages with over 500 photos now)! I hope to plow through it later today (Sunday), take a few more passes, and then have Jennifer look at it. ahhhhh! Also on my list are compiling the other revisions, reading through everything, fact checking when I doubt myself (which gets easier the more I look over the same things), and getting it all to Justine super soon. The book is almost done, and I am just now realizing how much of a living document it actually is. The first ed. will most likely end up having incorrect info in it, but that’s how it is. I love my baby no matter how it looks.  Pancakes tomorrow at CELLspace if you’re reading this later in the morning.