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ARABIC ELECTRONICA debut from from Embarka Records

Raivolution-The debut album from singer MC RAI. A hard hitting collection of tracks that brings the underground alternative music world to the doorstep of the Sahara. The disk spans the range of styles with Arabesque bumping grooves, Raggaton, Indy Rock, Hip Hop and straight up Rock Anthems. Although the vocals are in Arabic, the emotion that comes off the music is universal and heartfelt.

Raivolution is the new generation of Arabic music.
Produced by Jef Stott, MC Rai and Omar Fadel.

Embarka Records is an artist driven music label founded by Jef Stott
(Lumin, Stellamara, Six Degrees) which provides a home for artists who are distinctive forces in the global electronica genre. Embarka seeks to bring listeners distinctive quality of production, soul satisfying performances and an intelligence of spirit where the ancient and modern can converse.

Embarka is currently the exclusive distributor of emerging North African sensation MC RAI. Raivolution is available through our website at Embarka Records as well as . Downloads from Itunes and all major online retailers will be up and available very soon. Watch for national distribution in stores in early 2006.
Thank you for supporting the artists at Embarka!

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