soundECR/Podp Berlin Annex Update

dearest radical + exotic Organisms,

Warm and plant-like INVITE to Podp’s FIRST 2xX cd Releases Party !!

Podp mixes radical world, global electronica, and recombined bits from the mass media wash cycles into “Pan Optic Radio” Soundscapes for Indymedia and radio worldwide, and occasionally as LiVe performance in special locations conducive to Art and Politics and bridging Theater of Cruelty with resistance. A movement which exists at least since John Heartfield, J.J. Grandville, or Bosch. Today it’s called Culture Jamming.*

In the last few years, Pan Optic has also become an Ost Bloc musika magnet…which is to say: the cruelty reaches a danceable phase, like a war cry at full moon, or lovers in their womb fleeing from the world.

** * *

With Special (RadioOrg) Guests in discussion: ” Artivism in Next Level situations ” ( de/eng mixed ) together with devious + ingenious VIDEO CLIPS from San Francisco, Rome, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris etc.

Don’t miss it !
No ! No ! Do’t fall asleep !!
The pods are SPROUTING !!!

About CD releases:

CD #1:
Spy Musika v.1 ( + radioOrgs + Zemos98 )

This summer a net label project of in Mexico City called on us while in the throes of radio sporing in Berlin to work on the first Musica Para Espias release…an offer we had to fuse: Podp sv. dj Voluble sv. Ilich Sabotage. Zemos98 in Sevilla gave it the final production push.

CD #2:
Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction ( Walter Benjamin remixed )

Artist Televsion Access , in San Francisco – homebase for the ingenious culture jammers of and host to more underground film fests and makers than even the media-cave junkies can fathom – wrote us an email in the midst of our Indian summer in Kberg to inform us that it was high-time to remix Walter Benjamin, the godfather of Matrix analysis… We had just returned from the ReActivism conference in Budapest and had more than a few netz monkeys to wrestle with and untangle. And in the process we discovered THE mixmeister of Metropolis B, Rashad, who provided a studio and much guidance to sharpen our deconstructive urges.

…. … …

Yur chance to get BOTH Cds as a special Release Party package :

The Top Secret How-to Files : an Anais Ninjutsu survival kit ( the art of self-defense in love and war and deconstructions ) 3 cds + 1 dvd all bundled together as a snazzy gift ITEM for all spies and friendly + exotic organisms.

AND/OR many Pan Optic radikal world radio mixes to choose from !!

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