An Eco-Carnie’s Day Off (pics)

Here’s a small batch of photos I just took off of the camera’s memory. Got back into San Francisco today right when Jonathan said he would. On the way out of the Bay Area, about five hours late, he said he’d get us back by sundown Thursday. More bloggin’ tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this easy upload on the first night back.

Copper Mtn Boulders

Took the chairlift up Copper Mountain and ended up at about 9,000 ft. above sea level. Veronica soon found a patch of snow that we all slid down on with our asses in a rain jacket. This is where the fox and gopher showed up to visit.

Wind Powered

A good example of green buisness practices in effect for a resort that is settled below one of our National Forests. Didn’t know that Copper Mtn. was NF land.

Strawberry Hot Springs

The source of the hot springs for Strawberry Hot Springs. This is also a park area, well run, and currently under construction in some parts. I had a great time while there soaking and chilling.


Having a bit of RnR in Jonathan and Veronica’s vardo. The one Tom and I were in was old and creaky. A worker here told us that a new one was going to replace the old one soon. We headed to the pools after the thumb jam ended.

SLR Colorado Crew

A shot of the crew in front of the games at Copper Mountain. Veronica had a volunteer snap this with her camera.