dreamsNew York Style (Dream)

I watch a cartoon on TV. In that cartoon, the character takes peyote and then walks through this trippy animated world of black and white and technicolor dripping reality. So I decide to take my own peyote trip, and walk through my own black and white and technicolor reality. The thought keeps coming up, “I need to speak to my roomie when I get back. I should leave a note on her bed.”

I end up breaking in to a cafe. Bicycles block the entrance and the stairs going up to the cafe, so I find a window and climb through. I just walk around the place, finding it eerie that all is quiet, empty, and I’m alone. As I’m leaving, I try a back entrance, but it goes into a fancy courtyard. Either someone lives well or this is a mall entrance. I hear noises in there and decide to go out the window I went in.

Back at the house, I remember that my roomie and I are going on a tour with another pair of friends. I head to her room to leave a message and she walks into the hallway. She’s wearing a long, white shirt. I tell her I’m tripping and she asks me into her room. We get into her large bed and cuddle/touch, talking seriously about life and why we’re here. It felt good to be touching another person deeply in so many ways and the images I dreamed were of whiteness, fingers touching skin, fabric in motion, and gentle whispers.

We finally get out of bed to take our tour, and, being tired, are not into it that much. Our friends were really excited about it’s “New York Style” theme. We go to a cafe and wait on the them for too long. They don’t show up and the tourguide gives a 15 minute last call for them. So my roomie calls and finds out that they’re in New York City and are pissed because the tour is late.

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